• Personalized Signature Necklaces, Bracelets and KeyChains (Your hand writing)

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    Please read how to send in your picture below 

    The second picture in the listing has which item is which option A, B, C ext.

    • Please have your picture(s) as close to how you want as you can.  We cannot cut and paste words from different pages or sections of a page to make into something for you.  This must be done before you send it in to us.  All editing must be completed yourself in the event it is needed.  Also, please be as brief as possible about what you want as long emails require more time to read and can lead to delays in processing.

    Your necklace will embody your unique handwriting style creating a one-of-a piece of jewelry to be cherished throughout the life of you and your family.

    Some customers have submitted handwritten names, cute nicknames and even the word "Love" written by their late parents/grandparents.

    I have taken my 6 year old daughters handwriting and made it into a necklace for myself. 

    Take your husband/boyfriends writing of “Love” or “I Love You” and make it into a necklace you will cherish forever, or simply sign your name and make a great, unique name necklace that no one else will have.

    We can convert your handwritten name or signature into the necklace creating a one-of-a kind heirloom to last for a lifetime!

    We are offering this in four designs

    Two different signature necklaces

    • Just the signature is choice A. (8 letter limit)
    • The signature on a square is Choice D. (1 to 3 words)

    And two different Key chains

    • The Keychain on the leather is choice B. (1 to 3 words)
    • The keychain on the plain silver is choice C. (1 to 3 words)


    *Sterling Silver

    This is quality and will last

    If your ordering the Signature necklace:

    Word will measure about 1.5" (depending on name length)

    Chain will be about 16” long  Not including the word        

    If you order option A.  The word will all be touching so if its I Love You “ILoveYou” will be how its printed as one long word.

    Please Email me your picture in a .JPEG, .PNG, or .JPG  Please no PDF’s

    Try and email me with in 48 hours of your order, if you can't email me the picture that quick email me and let me know,  I am willing to work with you. Please keep in mind I can not make these until the picture is sent over. 

    --------HOW TO ORDER------------

    Write your name or your signature on the paper. Please make sure its clear if you can but if you just getting on old letter from a loved one please don't write over it just send it like it is. Crop the picture if you can.

    if there is more then one word on the paper please let me know what word you are wanting.

    Take a photo and email to me at Jamie@ABitofAlexandria.com (please note the email address if different then my main one, this one is set up just for these orders. This email is only checked for signatures if you need to ask a question please email Plover88@aol.com)

    The email will need the name the order was under attached to it, if it doesn’t have this I will not be able to find you. Order numbers don’t help I need the full name.

    Please put this in the subject line and into the email. This will help your order go smoothly.

    You’re welcome to scan it in and email as well, please email me if you have any questions or problems.

    Please keep in mind I will try and get as close to your signature as possible. The pictures are real samples so you can see we get close. Please be aware that these are not made in a factory so there might be slight variation from the picture to the necklace, sometime we have to make small changes so the necklace will connect.

    Because of the uniqueness of this item there will be no refunds.

    It helps it you tell us what the word should say. Example this word says "Love"