• Block Hero sets *Vehicle, Figure Collect all 20

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    Awesome block hero man with Vehicle, and Figure. 
    You build the hero and their vehicle. 
    They are very detailed and well made. 
    Each purchase is for one man, and vehicle. 
    Great for Stocking stuffers 

    1. American Hero With Car
    2. American Hero With Plane
    3. Red Metal Man With Car
    4. Red Metal Man With Boat
    5. Web Man With Motorcycle
    6. Web Man With Car
    7. Flying Hero With Car
    8. Claw Man With Car
    9. Green Muscle Man With Car
    11. Black Night Man With Super Car
    12. Hammer Man With Car
    13. Robin
    14. Green Muscle Man With SUV
    15. Black Night Man With Plane
    16. Flying Hero With SUV
    17. Web Man With Plane
    18. Hammer Man With Helicopter
    19. Deathpool With SUV
    20. Web Man With SUV